VITA – why with us?

We show you Venice, like no one else.


We offer something that is not to be grasped, but rather felt.  In a world where more and more people can afford more and more things, the thing that is sought after is what is lost in a pure consumer frenzy: Experience, Authenticity, Time. We are »Experience facilitators«.


Katharina John came to Venice from Hamburg via Tenerife. Miriam Fiordeponti is Italian and arrived in Hamburg after a detour through Switzerland.

Travel is our life.

Interestingly we got to know each other at a holiday driving school in Bad Oldesloe.  There then followed a few joint theatre productions and many bottles of wine were uncorked during night-time conversations about literature, indulgence, Italy and life in general, because: »He who is without wine knocks in vain at the Muses' door.« Aristoteles

And so »VITAVINOVIAGGI« was born.